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Climate power!

KLIMATKRAFT is a group for all young people up to 26 years old, where we meet, have discussions, exercises, socialize and have coffee. Maybe we paint or create something together? All with a focus on climate feelings, how we can find ways to take care of ourselves and our feelings in the climate crisis AND not least how we can find ways to act for change

New groups are started all the time and it is of course free to join!
Upcoming group starts:

Open registration for Klimatkraft: Register here if you are interested in joining Klimatkraft. We will start groups as we go along and try to be in places where there is interest.

Get involved in climate change and become a Terra-Pi volunteer!

If you want to get involved in climate action, Terra-Pi's volunteer training day is for you! A day where we equip you with tools and methods to deal with climate anxiety. You'll also become part of our volunteer network with other committed volunteers so you can then join in and support others!


Choose a training day:

Ambassador training on 28 April - A special volunteer training for those working on climate or social issues.

project provides coffee, lunch and, if necessary, travel to the training.
After the training day, you will receive a certificate of completion.


After the training day, you will become part of our volunteer network together with other committed people and have the opportunity to spread the project's activities and support young people with climate anxiety as much as you want. This could include running workshops in schools, leading our Climate Power youth groups, spreading the word about the project's activities, helping to develop new content for the project or contributing in other ways to increasing the conversation about climate anxiety.