About Terra-Pi

Many young people today are concerned about climate change and the future. In the Terra-Pi project, we are gathering knowledge and developing methods to support young people to better deal with climate-related thoughts, feelings, experiences and concerns. We believe that better tools for managing emotions together with collective, sustainable engagement reduce the risk of getting stuck in hopelessness and powerlessness, and can instead lead to active hope and action!

Terra-Pi is a legacy-funded project from the Swedish National University of Education, run together with the Climate Psychologists. In Terra-Pi, we conduct workshops, lectures and training courses aimed directly at young people aged 12 to 25. We also carry out training activities to increase the skills of groups that encounter young people with climate anxiety, such as educators, parents and civil society.


In Terra-Pi, we are creating a methodological bank of materials that will act as a support and can be used in already existing contexts. You can find tools, exercises, films and other inspiring material on climate psychology with a focus on emotion management and organisation. The material can be used in self-organised study circles, in existing activities or on its own. Even those working in schools can find materials to use in their teaching, or support to better deal with young people's emotions. It is the young people involved in the project who are shaping the development of the material, through the experience and knowledge they possess as young people in a world of climate crisis, with an uncertain future ahead of them.

The methodology database is currently under construction and is not yet available. Please contact us if you would still like to access the material that is available but not yet launched in the methodology database.


The project also offers young people the opportunity to organise themselves in, for example, our climate sensitivity groups, which are a platform for meetings, with a focus on support, learning more and getting involved collectively. For the groups there are specially developed materials to work in a study circle format and with the help of the materials get better at how you can work together on emotion management, sustainable engagement and get to explore how to get involved to be part of the societal change you want to see.

Want to join? Contact the training manager anna.bartfai@folkuniversitetet.se



Who are the Climate Psychologists?
Climate Psychologists are licensed psychologists specialising in climate and environmental issues. We work on the human, psychological and behavioural aspects of how we act in relation to the environment and the climate crisis: why we do what we do, how we can take care of ourselves and each other in the current crisis and how we can make climate action more effective. The Climate Psychologists have written the book "Climate Psychology - how we create sustainable change".